Friday, February 24, 2017

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Getting Smart With: Molly

All Molly Does is Win

We just wanted to take a moment to congratulate our HR Director, Molly. At the beginning of the month, Molly didn't JUST collect a $10,000 check for winning a client competition; she gave a speech all about it in front of 700 people! Molly is one of the reasons why we are so successful here at Dynamic Business Solutions. With her drive and integrity, there's no limit! Congratulations Molly! 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Career Opportunities at Dynamic Business Solutions

Looking for a new career? You're in luck -- Dynamic Business Solutions is hiring! View our open positions below!

  • Entry Level Management Trainee

    • As a company that only promotes from within, we are looking for top of the line candidates to start off in the entry level position, that we can train into the management position in 6-12 months. Within the training program they will get cross trained on marketing, sales, team development, territory management, hiring process, payroll process, and much more!

  • Human Resources

    • As a new company, the name of the game is growth! Our human resources team is the cream of the crop, and are the ones that make sure the company runs as smooth as possible. Wile in the HR department, one would learn recruiting, payroll, bookkeeping, and much more!

  • Internships

    • We have all at one time or another had no experience trying to apply for the position of our dreams. We feel that, with all of the colleges in the Tulsa area, it is imperative that students are given the opportunity to learn more about business in the workforce.

Think you're a good fit? Send your resume to for our hiring team to review!