Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dallas Conference!

Every quarter, there is a leaders conference held in a different part of the United States, and this particular conference was hosted in Dallas, Texas.  These conferences are meant for learning, networking, and a little bit of celebrating of the accomplishments that have occurred this year so far!

We got the opportunity to learn from some of the highest people within the business, and they shared their tips on how to be successful. This is something that stood out to us the most.

5 things to become a great leader
1. Take ownership of your work, anticipate problems, and offer solutions. Its one thing to do great work, but its also another to take ownership when something goes wrong and find a way to fix it.
2. Maintain a positive attitude. Its a choice that you make every day.
3. Be results oriented, the numbers will never lie, so focus on those.
4. Reputation matters, and remember, it takes years to build, and seconds to ruin.
5. Be resilient, no matter what happens. Learn from your mistakes, don't dwell on them, but also don't let it happen again.

We had a great time, and we're looking forward to traveling back to Dallas in a few months!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Welcome to Tulsa!

2 weeks ago, the 7 of us packed our bags from Boise, Idaho and expanded out to Tulsa, Oklahoma to begin the expansion of Dynamic Business Solutions, led by CEO Jered Reid.

"I am looking forward to having the opportunity to give this amazing career to others, starting with the state of Oklahoma. I have a great team behind me and we cannot wait to see what the state has to offer", states Jered.

Now that we have gotten to experience a small bit of what Tulsa has to offer, it gives us that much more excitement for the year ahead. Tulsa has so much to offer in regards to outdoors, sporting events, and more!

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