Friday, August 19, 2016

Assistant Management Promotion!

Opening April 4th 2016, Jered had big goals for Dynamic Business Solutions, little did he know, we would blow them out of the water from the start.

Michael McClure was born and raised in Boise, Idaho, spending the majority of his free time on the football field. After high school he knew he wanted to play in the NFL, so he started the next step in his career in Iowa. After a year in the Midwest, Michael decided that it was not the place for him, so he moved back to Boise to find a temporary job before he moved out to Portland, his next step in his football journey. With only landscaping as previous experience, Michael was looking for an entry level position that would provide training for anything he needed.

Starting in the entry level in November 2014, Michael thought that he would be spending just a few months with the company, then moving to Oregon to continue his football career. A few months into the management development program, he realized that not only will he gain experience in business, he will also have personal development at the same time, so he decided this was the career for him. About 12 months later he found himself moving out to Tulsa, OK with Jered to start Dynamic Business Solutions and a short 4 months later, Michael has been promoted to assistant management. This is only a stepping stone in his journey but we are so proud of what he has accomplished so far.

If you ask anyone about Michael, they will all tell you the same thing, he cares about the people he works with, and he is so focused on helping them achieve their goals, sometimes he even loses sight of his own because of that. He is very genuine, hard working, passionate about what he does, and with a football background, he sure is competitive!  Michael has a bright future ahead of him and we are excited to be a part of it.

"Michael is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. He inspires me every day to work harder to reach my goals. His passion for his work is something that you don't find often, and I am proud to call him my business partner. I know he will achieve great things in the next few months and I can't wait to be a part of it. " Jered Reid, President.

This is only the beginning of our their journey here in Tulsa, Dynamic Business Solutions will be expanding twice in 2016 and 4 additional times in 2017. Stay tuned to follow our journey!

Monday, August 8, 2016

National Conference 2016!

Every year, we get the opportunity to travel to one of the highest end hotels in the central USA and network and learn from the best of the best, and this year we went to Dallas. Our CEO, Jered, hand selected 6 people to join the management team to be able to embark on this adventure. Those lucky 6 go to network with the best, learn from those who have previously been in their shoes, as well enjoy the "play hard" aspect of our career.

A glimpse into our trip.....

Yes we did have fun, but we also learned a lot from some of our mentors in the business:
  • One of the quotes that we felt was very applicable to our office was "I am not a product of my circumstances, I am a product of my decisions". So in the end it doesn't matter where you've been, its the decisions you're going to make today to create the future you want tomorrow and in the future.
  • You control your attitude, and your success is based off how you can maintain it positively. Its very important that you spend your time with those that hold the attitude you want to hold yourself, so that you are able to maintain it. Although always remember that feelings are normal, but its what you do with those feelings that determines your success.

We recently expanded to Tulsa April 4th, but we have been taking immense strides since then. Our CEO earned 4k in bonuses, and our HR manager was nationally recognized by her hard work and being one of the best! We are excited to finish 2016 strong and continue to grow!

Sneak peak of the rest of 2016!
  • The management team will be enjoying a weekend in October in Las Vegas basking by the pool!

  • The top leaders will earn a trip to stay in a cabin off lake Tenkiller for all their hard work.

  • We will be expanding into 2 different markets!

Big things will be happening at Dynamic Business Solutions in the next few months and we are excited to see who will be apart of it!